A-25 Dark Blue-Gray


The darkest of the many blues of the Satake leaded line, A-25 Dark Blue-Gray is just a shade darker than it’s brother, A-26 Blue-Gray.  Why does the world need a kinda dark blue-gray glass and another blue-gray glass that’s just a LITTLE darker?  Such things keep shopmonkeys awake at night.  Well, that… plus the night terrors, but we won’t go into that (cause the little dark blue-gray men might find out!)

Anyway, A-25 is almost dark enough to be taken as lighter shade of black, but it isn’t, cause it’s blue-gray.  See? It’s simple when you ignore the complexity.  A nice dark offset to some of the opaque pinks or lighter blues, it also works well as a blank canvas for whatever you put on top, as long as you use some lighter opaques under any transparents to reveal the existence of the transparent.

Oh, and don’t tell them I said so, but… KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES!

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You order in 0.25 lb increments, so ordering 1=0.25lb, 2=0.5lb, 3=0.75lb,  4=1lbs,  etc.   We will round to the nearest whole rod to try and reach your order weight for any given glass color.

Each rod is about 22 inches long (56 cm) and it works out to be about 5 rods to the pound, give or take – as hand pulled rods each have their own character! However, to ship most cost effectively for you, we cut them in half to fit in USPS flat rate boxes – if this is not acceptable, let us know before you place your order and we will attempt to make different arrangements more to your liking.

We do our best to get as close as possible to your desired glass quantity, and if you order multiple colors some might be over weighted and some under weighted due to the weight of the individual whole rods. We try to get the sum of all your glass to add up at the end, and obviously if we fail and end up shipping less than you have paid for we’ll send you a refund for the difference.

All orders are sent USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail unless you wish to make arrangements otherwise – contact us before you place your order so we can work out the details!

Unfortunately for our international customers shipping becomes more complicated, so different arrangements will have to be made to get you your glass.

Orders greater than 10 lbs (based on the sum total of your entire glass order) are eligible for volume pricing, so if you’re interested drop us a line (shopmonkeys@dogmawglass.com) and we’ll start a’ hagglin’!

Well… at the very least we’ll tell you what our volume pricing is. So I guess not much haggling involved, actually. Sorry, hagglers.

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