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Dogmaw Glass is ON THE AIR!


Well… in the ‘tubes’ anyway.  Shopmonkeys suppose if you come to us via mobile or wifi we are technically in the air, at least for the last bit. Don’t know if that should count, though. What’s that?  Oh yeah, that’s right, this thing’s on now… Ahem.

Shopmonkeys have returned to the interwebs with all the Satake Glass goodness we had before, plus… um, like, a new server and content platform and a bunch of other stuff on the back end that you don’t see!  Huzzah!

Click on Shop above to get started!

9 thoughts on “Dogmaw Glass is ON THE AIR!

  1. You know it’s been so long that I forgot the annealing schedule. Please send it to me! Thanks, Carl

    1. Please check out the FAQ. It has all of the annealing info in it.

  2. What would a Satake assortment of soda (opaque and transparent) 5 full sticks of each cut in half cost me? Need to put in a starter stock.

    1. This would depend on the weight. There is a discount for larger amounts of glass.

  3. Want is the quantity of each lot of glass listed on your site?

    1. Do you mean how much we have in stock?

  4. Can you give me info on your rods. specifically approx. diameter, length, weight of a typical rod.

    1. Rods are about 22 inches long. The weight varies quite a bit since they are hand pulled. Anywhere from 1/8 pound to 1/4 pound is not unusual.

  5. Are you looking for a transparent or opaque? There is a great red transparent, and several shades of red opaque in soda.

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